This Spring, when we departed for our vacation in Hawaii, the only thing my fiance and I dreaded was the long flight. We envisioned sleepless hours accompanied by crying babies and chattering passengers, so we had taken our head sets in hopes of finding some soothing music on the Northwest Airlines music channel. What we discovered was even better than soothing music. We both (independently) happened upon the Wellness Voyages station. We followed the guided imagery and meditation excersizes and found ourselves quite relaxed and able to fall alseep, despite all the interruptions around us. Throughout the flight to Hawaii an aslo the flight back, we both returned to the Voyages whenever we needed to d-stress and clear our minds."

S. Weikert- Livonia MI

I was on a Northwest Airlines flight from Frankfort to Detroit. I found the voice extremely relaxing and the best thing to experience on the long distance flight. The first time I listened to the Voyages I knew that I wanted to own them so I wrote down the website address in to the book I was supposed to read on that flight. On the flight back, I immediatly found tha program and had a relaxing flight to Germany."

B. Schanz-Hering _Gross-Gerau, Germany

"I was traveling for work on a flight toward London, looking to make the connection there to another airline and end up in Abu Dhabi. I was bit nervous about the circumstances and about traveling so far. I was scrolling through the in-flight music trying to find something to calm me down and happened onto the well-being channel where your Voyages were playing. Not only did it calm me down in a very short time, I listened to the channel the entire 8 hrs and found an inner peace I hadn't known existed. It really changed my life. Since that flight (and return flight) I have attended a well baing course, am working out in the early morning 5 days a week and began meditating."

S. Baker -Alberta, Canada

"It was an enjoyable experience to hear (your) messages that made sense, with good insight, an intelligent approach to analyze life situations, with constructive solutions offering alternative to methodologies. I was on my way back to Iraq, with a lot of introspection about some of the issues that were mentioned in the Voyages, with daily rocket and mortar attacks, life's values becomes more finate and one looks for well thought out concepts to guide ones life".

F. Linneman, KBR,

Camp Diamondback Mosul Airfield, Iraq

"...I had hopes the Voyages could help calm the kids down and give me a much needed afternoon break. What happened was a miracle. Most of the students actually went to sleep and those who did not- listened to the music and followed the narrations and became deeply relaxed- very quickly."

Barbara Gastwirth-Teacher,

Tutor Time Child Learning Center

"My attitude has been great since I started listening to the Stress Reducing Voyage. I am able to concentrate and focus on things more easily now and I feel more relaxed! More importantly, a couple of months ago, I introduced my 11 year old daughter, Lindsey (who has been diagnosed with A.D.D.) to the Relaxation Voyage. She was not doing well in school. Her grades were poor and she had become frustrated. After repeated listenings, Lindsey started to bring home As in math and reading instead of D's and F's. She has brought home nothing but straight As since she started "Taking Voyages". The teacher is baffled and sent Lindsey home with a note asking us (my husband and I) what we are doing differently to get Lindsey to achieve these great results!. I am sending back a note to her teacher to help more kids, parents and teachers become aware of the effectiveness of the Wellness Audio Voyages."

K. Stogner, I'm a Mother, Housewife

The Wellness Audio Voyages are the most effective playlist device downloads for relaxation and stress reduction available. The compelling music supporting the narratives makes this series thoroghly enjoyable."

G. Singer LCSW Beverly Hills, CA

"Yes, I heard "Voyages" on the recent Northwest Airlines flights overseas. I had such an enjoyable time listening to them on the way to Europe! I led a group of 23 high school students and adults over Easter Break. We had fun looking around and giggling at each other when we saw each other doing the relaxation techiques. After that, we just settled in and enjoyed the experience. I checked for them again on the return, and was happy to find them again, and enjoyed listening to the various versions so much that I came home and ordered them. Thanks for doing this!