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 WAVE  (  Wellness Audio Voyages Entertainment )  is a digital audio, Dynamic Evolutionary Innovation for the 21st Century and beyond. The technology combines Guided Imagery Narration, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Deep Breathing and Background Music into 15 – 20 minute Voyages designed to get everybody Wellness Entertainment Therapy. 
The four Voyages that contain Narration and Music have many health benefits and can provide relief from common anxiety and stress disorders.SAMPLE THE WAVE

"The WAVE is a revolutionary product with no other on the Chiropractic market quite like it. The five CD's include four Voyages into Prosperity, Stress Reduction Relaxation and Self-Esteem with a fifth consisting of four lush but peaceful musical compositions. This last CD can (and should) be played in your office, enticing your patients to ask about and ultimately, purchase the entire collection, offering the office a very lucrative stream of income". - DC Products Review

"As a chiropractor, I see patients everyday whose health is dramatically and negatively affected by stress. The body, after a period of time, finds it hard to cope with this stress and begins to show signs of "breakdown" in the form of symptoms. After listening to the WAVE CD series, I would recommend it to all of my patients who want to take hold of their health by reducing their stress." - M.J.Cioffi DC


WAVE CD'S 250 - 499 500 - 749 750+
Relaxation Voyage $8.00 $7.25 $6.50
Stress Reducing Voyage $8.00 $7.25 $6.50
Prosperity Voyage $8.00 $7.25 $6.50
Self-Esteem Voyage $8.00 $7.25 $6.50
Musical Voyage $8.00 $7.25 $6.50

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Suggested Retail Selling Price of each CD is: $15.99
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