"I would like to express my appreciation to EME Enterprises for introducing me to the Self-Improvement collection WAVE.  After listening to the 5 CD's,  I cannot express how valuable this series was for me and can be for anyone who has stress in their life.  The soothing narration and flowing instrumentals allow the stress to be alleviated and replaced by total relaxation and peacefulness."   -   Michael J.Cioffi, D.C.
 WAVE  (  Wellness Audio Voyages Entertainment )  is a digital audio, Dynamic Evolutionary Innovation for the 21st Century and beyond. The technology combines Guided Imagery Narration, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Deep Breathing and Background Music into 15 - 20 minute Voyages designed to get everybody  Wellness Entertainment Therapy. 
The four Voyages that contain Narration and Music have many health benefits and can provide relief from common anxiety and stress disorders. SAMPLE THE WAVE
LICENSE THE WAVE for 2 years for just  $1000.00  and Integrate any or all of the Web Pages below on your business website and control how you promote the wellness to your patients!  All Pay / Pal revenues or revenues from a different online processor generated from your site are yours to keep.  You can keep the format as it is or adjust it, remove the Pay / Pal feature(s),  alter the pricing  and/or content to your liking.  If you want a FREE Placement of the WAVE Web Pages on your site (as shown below) and agree to have ALL revenues generated go to EME Enterprises, please see GET PATIENTS WET.
Have your patients Catch the WAVE and get WET ( Wellness  Entertainment  Therapy ) from YOUR business website with these Web Pages shown on this website:  SAMPLE THE WAVE, TAKE A VOYAGE, STREAM THE WAVE, DOWNLOAD VOYAGES and BUY WAVE CD'S.
SAMPLE THE WAVE:  This Web Page introduces the WAVE to your patients from your website by providing 3 different sound sample recordings or a  total of  9 minutes of FREE streaming, per Voyage.  The samples on the Page include 3 minutes covering the start of each Voyage, a separate stream covering 3 minutes of Guided Imagery and a 3 minute stream of  just the Music Only.  This Page was designed and developed to entice your patients to take the next step and TAKE A VOYAGE ( listen to a complete 15 -20 minute Voyage in MP3) to Catch the WAVE.
TAKE A VOYAGE:  After sampling, patients make a selection from the 8 recordings and TAKE  A VOYAGE ( listen to a complete 15 -20 minute Voyage in MP3).  The Page is developed to accept a Pay/Pal (or other payment processor) transaction prior to each audio stream.  LICENSE THE WAVE, and you decide to keep Pay/Pal or not and the amount to charge per Voyage, if any (we charge $1.00).  After taking several Voyages, it will make sense to many of your patients to have a greater access to all of the Voyages from your site and become a member of STREAM THE WAVE.
STREAM THE WAVE:  This Page provides your patients continuous, unlimited access to all 8 complete Voyages streaming from your website!  With a single, one-time payment, all the Voyages are unlocked on the Page and available for 24/7 streaming.   LICENSE THE WAVE  and you decide whether to keep the Pay/Pal or not and the amount to charge for the single payment, if any (we charge $40.00).  STREAM THE WAVE was developed to be a Life-Time Membership for those who love and need the WAVE and are serious about making wellness a part of their daily lives.
DOWNLOAD VOYAGES:  This page on your website provides your patients with the opportunity to download any or all of the 8 Voyages to their office or personal computer, cell phone or other play list device!  The Pay/Pal processes each transaction individually, before the Narration and Music or Music Only Voyage recording and the Voyage brand picture are both downloaded.  LICENSE THE WAVE, and you decide to keep Pay/Pal or not and the amount to charge per download, if any (we charge $5.00).  Since downloading is common, this can be the most popular way to get patients WET. 
BUY WAVE CD'S:  This Web page provides an easy way for your patients that use CD's - to purchase the Voyages on CD.  The five CD's are displayed on the page pictorially along with a direct link to AMAZON. COM where the WAVE CD's are manufactured on demand and  most important,  Amazon's standard return policy applies to those purchases.  Since all purchases are controlled by Amazon's Pay/Pal payment processor, we are not able to shift control of this Web Page to you, but in the spirit of health and wellness, you can offer it as a  bonus to your patients - from your site.
If you are interested in selling CD's on your website or in your office, please see MERCHANDISE CD'S and/or PRIVATE LABEL CD'S to get more information and ideas to utilize, personalize and customize the WAVE, obtain bulk rate pricing of WAVE CD's, generate profits and promote wellness to your patients.
After payment is received to LICENSE THE WAVE for the 2 years, we will email the coding for the Web Pages to be integrated by your Web Developer.  If you need to hire a Web Developer and would like EME Enterprises to integrate the Pages for you, please communicate that in the form below.


YES - I have a Web Developer that will integrate the Page(s) selected
N0 - EME Enterprises charges $200.00 per Page to integrate