Q & A

A: A five CD collection was released by EME Enterprises called, “New Life Voyages” in 2000 (renamed, Wellness Audio Voyages Entertainment in 2012). New Life Voyages was the name given to the “Self-Improvement” product created during the research and development stage from 2000 – 2012. Eric M Evans is the President of EME Enterprises and the creator, writer and narrator of the Voyages and Stephen Cohn (Emmy Award Winning Film and Concert Composer) is the Vice President of Production and producer of the WAVE digital recordings and CD's.

A: In 2002, M.J. Cioffi DC reviewed the WAVE CD collection and he was very sincere about his experiences and the future of the Voyages.
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A: In June of 2002, DC Products Review wrote a comprehensive endorsement of the WAVE. In the review, benefits of the WAVE to patients and to the Chiropractor are suggested, recommended and highlighted.
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A: Please read the Health Club Products Review for an in depth look into the development of the WAVE and the effects of the Voyages.
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A: Please see the Scrip Chiropractic Supply Catalog advertisement showing the WAVE (AKA: New Life Voyages) as the New Partner In Chiropractic Preventative Care.
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A: The WAVE contains 4 major components all blended into each Voyage: Breathing Exercises, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Guided Imagery and Music . You can find and use lots of meditative and relaxing recordings that will work well before or after treatments; but those recordings that are available, usually lack one or more of the components that make the difference and provide an experience for the patient that is deeply relaxing and memorable! We feel that the process of utilizing an Emmy Award winning composer to create separate music for each Voyage recorded in studio, that synchronizes and mixes with the script and narration, is what puts the WAVE swells above the competition.

A: The WAVE has spilled out, splashed and spread into many market places over the years including: www.wellnessaudiovoyages.com, the “Higher Octave Music Catalog”, “Health Club Products Review”, “Scrip Chiropractic Catalog”, “Health Net Senior Wellness Rewards Catalog”, “Northwest Airlines Magazine” and as in-flight entertainment on the Northwest Airlines Audio Channels, “Psychic Eye Bookstores” and featured on I”-Tunes”, “Amazon” and several other stores dedicated to providing CD replication or digital downloads.

A: Our studies show that each Voyage actually contains a minimum of 29 wellness benefits! We determined this by adding up the well known benefits of each of the 4 components in a Voyage: Guided Imagery, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Breathing Exercises and Music. Because some of the same benefits can be found in each component, we will not break down the benefits per component or factor those extra benefits in, but instead list all of the wellness benefits to obtain on a Voyage without repeating:

  • Enhances Performance
  • Reduction of Panic Attacks
  • Improved Concentration
  • Increased Self-Esteem
  • Relaxes Mind
  • Detoxifies
  • Releases Toxins
  • Relieves Pain
  • Elevates Mood
  • Releases Emotional Problems
  • Improves Nervous System
  • Brings Clarity
  • Reduces Worry
  • Decreases Blood Pressure
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Sleep Aide
  • Improved Quality of Sleep
  • Enhance Ability to Cope
  • Enhanced Ability to Change
  • Enhances Natural Abilities
  • Releases Tension
  • Relaxed Muscles
  • Relaxes Body
  • Peacefulness
  • Feel Energized
  • Feel Upbeat
  • Reduces Stress
  • Enhances Stress Relievers
  • Balances your life

A: Make sure to SAMPLE THE WAVE before or after reading the content of the Web Page you landed on or are interested in. You will see a colorful link to the SAMPLE THE WAVE page. Click on it and go there to sample each Voyage – three different ways. You can sample 3 minutes at the very start of the Voyage, 3 minutes of Guided Imagery, and 3 minutes of Music Only. If you like what you hear, you have several options available to Catch the WAVE!

A: We suggest that you TAKE A VOYAGE now. Click on the surfboard on the Sample the WAVE listening page that says TAKE A VOYAGE or find it at the top, in the MENU. It is only $1.00 to hear a full length Voyage. We recommend that you start by taking a Voyage that is Narration and Music. That way you experience the impact of the WAVE on your maiden Voyage. After the Voyage is over, you can take the Music Only version of the Voyage or continue evaluating the WAVE and take other Voyages or start to think about all of the various ways to get your patients to Catch the WAVE like you and get WET ( Wellness Entertainment Therapy).

A: We recommend for economic and practical purposes, to either STREAM THE WAVE or DOWNLOAD VOYAGES. The pricing is the same for both, $40.00, to have the complete collection of Voyages at your disposal to play for your patients in your office. The difference is that STREAM THE WAVE is a LIFE-TIME membership access that allows you to log into the Stream the WAVE Web page with your membership id and WAVE pass-code at wave4chiropractors.com and play any of the Voyages from any computer at any time. If you have computers that are online in your treatment rooms, it becomes very easy for you to get patients WET immediately because the process to become a Stream the WAVE member is very fast as it only takes 1 pay/pal application and you are done. The digital recording(s) of the WAVE in MP3, will be UNLOCKED on the Web page and ready and available to play. Music Only Voyages can and should be used as an essential addition to your office's musical rotation; the peaceful music will create a positive atmosphere in your waiting room or lobby while simultaneously relaxing your patients. The Narration and Music Voyages can be played to relax patients before each Chiropractic adjustment procedure for lasting results.

The DOWNLOAD VOYAGES Page is set up to apply a new pay/pal application for each Voyage recording and brand picture downloaded. Each Voyage download is only $5.00. So, to get all 8 Voyages downloaded to your particular play list device, you will need to go through 8 pay/pal purchase cycles. Additionally, to get those downloads on to different computers that may be located in Treatment Rooms - Thumb-Drive Transfer’s (of the audio files) will be necessary (to not incur additional expense). Once downloaded, the digital recording(s) of the WAVE, will be ready and available to play when a Voyage is selected. Music Only Voyages can and should be used an essential addition to your office's musical rotation; the peaceful music will create a positive atmosphere in your waiting room or lobby while simultaneously relaxing your patients. The Narration and Music Voyages can be played to relax patients before each Chiropractic adjustment procedure for lasting results.

A: BUY WAVE CD'S is a Web Page for you or your patients to buy small quantities of CD's. The purchases are handled through Amazon.com and therefore a link is there for easy convenience. The Amazon CD discs are unfortunately, not packaged with the same photo covers displayed on the Page – which are now the brand and stock photo covers of the Voyages. We do show the credits for the Voyages because this page can also be shown to your patients. The page also provides links for Chiropractors to MERCHANDISE CD'S and PRIVATE LABEL CD's. MERCHANDISE CD'S is the place to go to purchase CD's in volume to sell in your office. The photo of the brand stock Voyage CD's covers are shown on 1 side and the credits for each Voyage on the back side. This is how the Voyages are replicated if the minimum order is purchased.

For those Chiropractors who wish to create their own CD covers for the WAVE discks, we created a Web page called PRIVATE LABEL CD'S. The fee for a LIFE TIME license to PRIVATE LABEL WAVE CD's is only $500.00. All replicated CD's and covers are produced by EME Enterprises per the VOLUME DISCOUNT PRICING Chart and the requirements stated on the Pages apply.

A: It is simple. Your patients will be logging on to your website to Catch the WAVE – in any matter you desire by selecting the Web Pages that you feel can best serve your patients. When you do, no matter which OPTION you select, the Web Pages that allow your patients to stream, download and purchase CD's use Pay/Pal to to process transactions and the revenues are set up and will go to EME Enterprises. That is one of the reasons we are able to offer the Pages to be integrated on your site for FREE. We designed the Pay/Pal fees to be affordable so that your patients participate in Wellness.

A: To keep control over the way you promote wellness we highly recommend that you LICENSE THE WAVE. For 2 years at a time, for only $1000.00 you can determine the amount your patients will spend to TAKE A VOYAGE, STREAM THE WAVE or DOWNLOAD VOYAGES. Perhaps you don't want to charge your patients at all for the wellness. That is up to you when you LICENSE THE WAVE. You can also personalize and customize the page to suit the needs of your patients and your website. This feature is definitely recommended for high profile - heavily hit web sites.