"It is very important to make sure to give yourself a regular time out to unwind, relax and put yourself first. If you are looking for self-help tools, EME Enterprises and the WAVE offers a full range of Voyages for just that purpose." - Health Net HMO, Senior Wellness Rewards Magazine

"We are excited that EME Enterprises and the WAVE has selected Northwest Airlines for it's audio sponsorship”. - Cordially, B. Hollenbeck, Coordinator, On Board Entertainment

"...We are very pleased to be working with the WAVE and know their program will be a success." - Sincerely, E Montgomery Executive Producer, Sky Radio Network

"The Properity Voyage begins with Eric Evans leading listeners through deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation to release tension and ease into the program. Entering into a lush, colorful forest produces a sense of abundance with the energies of the many wonderful, creatures and things of the earth. Evans points out that, "What you see is what you have created in your imagination". Next, he asks listeners to climb a stairway of gold, taking the steps to the prosperity and abundance of the life you always have desired. "Prosperity is a gift you give to yourself," he says, "What you imagine you can have opens the doorway." Evans emphasizes, to see yourself achieving your goal and doing what is necessary to have it. For financial prosperity, he includes the image of abundant paper money swirling around listeners on the breeze. I found the guided imagery of all of the Wellness Audio Voyages to be entrancing, and I was drawn deeply into the imagery's world... These Voyages are among the most effective guided-meditation audios I have come upon".
- Ray A. Hemachandra/New Age Retailer Magazine.

"The Wellness Audio Voyages is the braninchild of Eric Evans, founder and President of EME Enterprises. Mr. Evans' experience with meditation and research into techniques of relaxation provided the stimulus for his developement of the "Voyages." It is his voice that guides the listener through each Voyage. We are all seeking ways to overcome our fears, doubts and anxieties in an attempt to achieve inner peace and tranquility. The "WAVE" is a unique self improvement series designed in a thoroughly entertaining manner to lift spirits and improve the quality of living." - Health Club Products Review

Dr. Peter Desberg, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist (Los Angeles, CA) was consulted for his views on the effectiveness of the "Voyages". His suggestions were incorporated into the completion of the recordings. Dr. Desberg is renowned as one of the leading authorities on stage fright. He is the author of sixteen books including "No More Butterflies", and "Overcoming Stage Fright". Dr. Desberg has endorsed the Wellness Audio Voyages and continues to use the "Relaxation Voyage" as a standard part of his overall treatment strategy.

"As a chiropractor, I see patients everyday whose health is dramatically and negatively affected by stress. The body, after a period of time, finds it hard to cope with this stress and begins to show signs of "breakdown" in the form of symptoms. After listening to the series, I would recommend it to all my patients who want to take hold of their health by reducing their stress. " - M.J. Cioffi DC

"The Wellness Audio Voyages are the new partner in chiropractic preventative care. It is a revolutionary product with no other on the chiropractic market like it. The 5 Voyages include 4 Voyages into Prosperity, Stress Reduction, Relaxation and Self-Esteem with a fifth consisting of lush but peaceful musical compositions without the narration. The Voyages will allow your patients stress, anxiety, and fears to melt away, allowing total relaxation and harmony to emerge. Reduction of these daily disturbances will ultimately maximize the power of each adjustment you perform". - Scrip Chiropractic Catalog / DC Products Review