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"It is very important to make sure to give yourself a regular time out to unwind, relax and put yourself first. If you are looking for self-help tools, EME Enterprises and the WAVE offers a full range of Voyages CD's for just that purpose." - Health Net, Health Maintenance Organization / Senior Well Rewards Magazine

 WAVE  (  Wellness Audio Voyages Entertainment )  is a digital audio, Dynamic Evolutionary Innovation for the 21st Century and beyond. The technology combines Guided Imagery Narration, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Deep Breathing and Background Music into 15 – 20 minute Voyages designed to get everybody  Wellness Entertainment Therapy. 
The four Voyages that contain Narration and Music have many health benefits and can provide relief from common anxiety and stress disorders. SAMPLE THE WAVE

Click on the Amazon link above to BUY WAVE CDs individually. They are manufactured for you on demand! Amazon.com's standard return policy applies to these purchases. Each disc comes fully packaged with a Voyage picture cover in a standard jewel case ( unfortunately, the Voyage picture covers offered on Amazon differ from above ). For volume CD pricing see MERCHANDISE CD'S or PRIVATE LABEL CD'S. Patients can buy CD's online see GET PATIENTS WET or LICENSE THE WAVE.

The narrator is inspiring. He speaks in a clear, calm and comforting voice. The words blend beautifully with background music produced for each Voyage and performed by an Emmy Award winning composer. Prepare for a 15 - 20 minute Voyage. Just get comfortable in a quiet place, close your eyes and enjoy the relaxing Breathing Exercises, soothing Progressive Muscle Relaxation, vivid Guided Imagery and beautiful Musical experience!

Caution: Do not listen to the Narration and Music recordings while driving a car or while operating heavy machinery. The narration and music combination is intended to relax you and may make it difficult to perform tasks which require your full attention. These Voyages are not intended as therapy for any specific physical, emotional or mental condition and are not designed to take the place of any medical or psychological treatment. Those who are under the care of a doctor or a psychologist, and/or taking prescription medication for psychological or emotional conditions should consult their health care specialist before they Take A Voyage.