For over 35 years, Eric Evans has been practicing Transcendental Meditation and exploring other ways (disciplines) to tap into our inner well-being. He created a new technology for wellness that combines guided imagery narration with ambient and compelling background music. After graduating from the University of Redlands, CA, USA, in 1987, Eric worked for several years as an employer liaison for large health insurance carrier firms, such as Health Net, HMO. Those experiences opened his eyes to focus on finding an entertaining approach to promote a greater participation in wellness. The inspiration led him to write the scripts and narrate the Voyages. His mission plan is to “Take” you on a calming and relaxing Voyage to a special place inside your subconscious mind to encourage the wellness to take hold. He called upon Emmy Award winning film and concert composer Stephen Cohn, to propel the WAVE and the message of each Voyage to deepen their impact with beautiful individually composed music.

Stephen Cohn, a native of Los Angeles California, is internationally recognized for his music for the concert stage; scores of feature films, television, theater and commercials as well as music for the internet. He has received an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Music” and his scores have been a part of many award winning productions which featured such starts as Lilly Tomlin, Joanne Woodward, Kathleen Quinlan, Colleen Dewhurst, William Shatner, Wallace Shawn and produced by companies such as Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros, Universal, MCA, ABC, CBS and MTM Productions. Mr. Cohn's concert works have been performed and recorded by the worlds finest Chamber Music Ensembles in the United States and Europe including the highly acclaimed Adritti Quartet, who recorded his string quartet, “Eye of Chaos” and released it on an Albany Music CD. In addition, his career in music includes song writing for major labels such as Motown, A&M, Motown, Columbia and TV commercials for companies such as Mattel, Mazda, Blue Shield, Alpo and Ralston Purina.